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Hi! I'm Mossepo, just another nobody behind an online nickname. I like to tinker with software, design stuff like websites and maps for games, self-host things and play games competitively. I work as a sysadmin and am an Arch Linux user with an imaginary neckbeard and a virtual tin foil hat.

I'm obsessed with IT security and privacy and while the aforementioned hat is not really that tight around my head, I like to avoid giving companies information they don't need to have, be it my ISP, email provider or a search engine. I prefer to use free and open source software and appreciate when said software is minimal and written efficiently. I like the suckless philosophy and many of the applications I use follow that kind of philosophy to variable degrees.

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 ( Here be dragons? )
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On my website you can find all my release-worthy projects with dedicated pages for each. I host my own git server for my projects and use stagit to generate the user interface. I'm a "ricer" and often spend time modifying the look and feel of my system (there's a subreddit for that). My dotfiles can be found under projects.

For games, I enjoy playing anything competitive, be it FPSs, MMORPGs or Racing Sims with most love towards the likes of Xonotic, Quake, CS:GO, DiRT Rally, Assetto Corsa and Elder Scrolls Online. I share stuff like videos, configs, maps and stats under the gaming page.

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