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Hi! I'm Mossepo, just another nobody hidden behind an online nickname. I work as a sysadmin and am an Arch Linux user with an imaginary neckbeard and a virtual tin foil hat.

I'm obsessed with IT security and privacy and while the aforementioned hat is not really that tight around my head, I like to avoid giving companies information they don't need to have, be it my ISP, email provider or a search engine. I also often prefer and use free and open source software in everything I do and especially appreciate when said software is minimal, kept simple and written efficiently. I like the suckless philosophy and many of the applications I use follow that kind of philosophy to variable degrees.

I'm also an avid gamer and enjoy playing competitive FPS games and MMORPGs with most love towards the likes of Xonotic, Quake, CS:GO and Elder Scrolls Online. I share related stuff like videos, configs, maps and stats on the gaming page.

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 ( Here be dragons? )
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On this website I share all my release-worthy projects with lengthy home pages for each. I host my own git server with stagit as its front-end. I'm a "ricer" and often spend time modifying the look and feel of my system (there's a subreddit for that). For that reason my dotfiles have their dedicated page under projects and includes information and the configurations for the applications I use.

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