My gaming background

I started leaning towards first-person shooters in mid 2000s and spent a few years playing Counter-Strike 1.6, then gradually moving towards the Arena FPS genre with many of the Quake games, more specifically 2, 4 and Live. In 2009, I with a bunch of friends formed a competitive clan in Team Fortress 2 in which I spent around 3 years before slowly drifting back to Arena FPS. By then, Quake Live had become paywalled and that led me to Xonotic, a free and open source alternative. Later on, I again with a bunch of friends started playing CS:GO, and I've been playing it casually alongside of Xonotic to this day.


A free and open source Arena FPS that I've been playing for many years on and off. You can read more about it and download the game at:

The website for a clan I formed with 4 friends to help increase the clan scene activity in Xonotic:

I also ended up creating a few maps for the game, most notably a 4v4 Team Deathmatch map Monstrosity, that has been played regularly in tournaments and pickups. You can find more information on these on my projects page under maps.

All of my matches that ended up on YouTube

Quick Cup #89 - 4v4 TDM Draft Cup 2019

2019-02-01 - vs. Team Dodger - Final - No cast
monstrosity (stats)
2019-02-01 - vs. Team SpiKe - Group Stage - No cast
dreadfulplace (stats)

World Cup Series 2017 Major #1

2017-01-22 - vs. SPLAT - WB Semi-Final - No cast
fuse (stats), aerowalk (stats), and bloodrun (stats)

Sunday Cup Finals 2016

2016-05-29 - vs. Mirio - Final - No cast
finalrage (stats), stormkeep (stats), mint (stats), cucumber (stats), bloodrun (stats), silentsiege (stats) and fuse (stats)

Duel World Cup 2016

2016-03-28 - vs. Smilecythe - Final - Casted by Sphuld & Antibody
silentsiege (stats), fuse (stats), downer (stats) and bloodrun (stats)
2016-03-28 - vs. ZeRoQL - LB Final - Casted by Sphuld & Antibody
stormkeep (stats), silentsiege (stats), fuse (stats) and downer (stats)
2016-03-28 - vs. Cirruz - LB Round 8 - Casted by Sphuld & Antibody
fuse (stats), bloodrun (stats) and finalrage (stats)
2016-03-27 - vs. GATTS - LB Round 6 - Casted by Sphuld
silentsiege (stats) and fuse (stats)

Duel World Cup 2013

2013-09-01 - vs. ZeRoQL - Final - Casted by Antibody
fuse (stats), silentsiege (stats) and stormkeep (stats)

Friendly matches

2013-06-13 - vs. ZeRoQL - No cast
silentsiege (stats)
2013-03-10 - vs. atn - Casted by Antibody
aerowalk (stats)
2013-01-04 - vs. Bolwind - Casted by Antibody
bloodrun (stats)





Team Fortress 2